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Mark Reeves Photography

I work in the studio and on location to produce high end digital imagery for my clients. My interests photographically are centered around a fascination with architectural forms, interesting objects and spaces and a general need to explore and experiment with the photographic process to capture my surroundings and the way i see the world.

I Specialise in capturing imagery for the design and bespoke manufacturing industries from documenting the design process and craftsmen at work to visualising the final product on location or in the still life studio. Producing consistently creative brief led images to suit clients individual needs is the aim and I like to work closely with clients to realise their visions photographically.

I also have many ongoing projects that I continually explore these are based on my random facinations with things that intrigue me visually, this may be architecture or a seagull depending where my mood takes me. I try to fit these projects in between commissions and university lecturing duties.

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Please contact me with any enquiries to discuss commissioning work
or discussing my personal work.

For Image sales from my archive please contact me or view my collection at Alamy. (link below)

Phone: 07916 298 475
email: mark@markitecture.co.uk

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